Version History

Version Release Date Bug Fixes / New Features Jan 12,2017
  • Auto cancel all schedule appointment when he add/Update the Unavailable
  • Verify check-in button column hide/show based upon Verifycheck-in Dec 12,2017
  • New Design for Schedule Appointment
  • Changes in Print Slip Show a one new field in the Grid (Appointment Times)
  • New Setting implementation for Schedule Appointment i.e Blocks
  • Create page for Block
  • Notes implement in email and calander
  • Update Devexpress Version V17.2 Oct 27,2017
  • Logging implemented in student check-in page. Oct 26,2017
  • Here is some more info that is related most likely. It seems the system is showing two teachers assigned to the student (Kim Overstreet and Deanna Smith) even though when you log in as the school admin, it does not show counselor Deanna Smith being assigned.
  • Changes in version history page. Oct 24,2017
  • Reasons to cancel issue
  • ICS file issue Oct 23,2017
  • Allowing students to schedule on weekends even when that setting is off